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Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are a new model of integrated care delivery that will enable primary care providers, patients, families, communities and organizations to work together to provide an innovative and fully coordinated continuum of care to a defined geographic population.

The goal of the OHT is to provide more coordinated care for patients while reducing administrative burden on physicians.


What is an Ontario Health Team (OHT)?2021-05-31T16:48:34-04:00

OHTs are being introduced to provide a new way of organizing and delivering care that is more connected to patients in their local communities. Under OHTs, health care providers (including hospitals, allied health providers, doctors/nurse practitioners and home and community care providers) work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care.

How will OHTs impact my practice?2021-05-31T16:49:20-04:00

OHTs will not impact autonomy in practice or remuneration for care provided. Instead, OHTs are an evolving tool for providers to enhance quality of patient care delivered through improved collaboration and communication among those involved in a patient’s care. Participation in the OHT is optional.

How are physicians represented in the OHT?2021-05-31T16:54:11-04:00

Primary care is critical to the success of OHTs, as primary care is a foundational component for patient care. Currently, the collective voice of primary care is represented by the OHT’s Community Medical Advisory Council (CMAC). The CMAC was developed by a passionate group of primary care physicians from a variety of physician practice models.

CMAC supports the co-design of care models alongside other OHT stakeholders, such as patients/clients and community organizations. The vision for CMAC is that as the OHT matures, membership on the CMAC will expand to include other primary care providers and specialists, to evolve the way providers are represented in the OHT.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the CW OHT?2021-10-18T09:30:57-04:00

By becoming a member of the CW OHT, you are joining your community provider colleagues in shaping the evolution of care delivery in Brampton, North Etobicoke, West Woodbridge, Malton and Bramalea. This means that your voice will help improve equity in access to care for patients and providers, in a community that has been historically underserviced and underfunded. Together, providers can work to create seamless connections across the primary care sector, and improve knowledge and understanding of available services for patients, including speciality care and other community resources.

Providers who are a part of the OHT will also have access to OHT-specific services and resources that will evolve over time, but currently include:

What is required to become a member of the CW OHT?2021-10-20T09:33:33-04:00

All physicians providing care in the CW OHT catchment are eligible to join the OHT and benefit from the collaboration with other providers and partners in the health system. Primary care represents a strong and essential voice in the CW OHT, and the Community Medical Advisory Council (CMAC) strives to reflect all perspectives. Overtime, membership will expand to include other providers.

A Collaborative Decision Making Arrangement (CDMA) was created to guide decision making in the OHT. To be a member of the OHT, all partners, including providers, need to sign off on this document. The CDMA is non-binding and members can withdraw at anytime with 90 days written notice.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an OHT member, please contact us.

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What resources are available to support my patients?2021-10-09T21:40:21-04:00


SCOPE is a shared virtual interprofessional care team for primary care providers (PCPs), most beneficial to those who are unaffiliated with a Family Health Team or hospital. SCOPE is a platform for PCPs to come together and foster a community of practice, by creating equity among providers through better connection to services for physicians. 

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