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About Us

Our Vision

People-first health with trust and compassion.

Our Mission

Collaborative partners building a healthier community.

Our Values

As a member of the CW OHT, ICARE – together we are:
Innovative, Compassionate, Accountable, Responsive and Equitable.

Our Values

We are committed to using our collaborative partnerships to create new paths sensitive to the needs of the community in our health system.

We treat every individual in a sensitive manner, respecting individual needs, and believe in developing a people-centred health care system.

We build trust among the people we serve and our partners by acting in an open, transparent and ethical manner. We take responsibility for
and ownership of our actions in delivering quality care.

We connect authentically with the community we serve and our partners, actively listening and responding to needs for continuous sharing,
learning and growth.

We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our community and commit to building a health system that promotes trusted care for all.


Milestone Documents for the Central West OHT

Key Provincial Support Materials